Cunliffe is an evil evil man. Herald & Stuff tag-team proves it.

Nice work old chaps. My PR department and the Whale applaud you.

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Iraq again? No. Maybe. Yes Mr President.


2014, before the Election:

Key rules out sending troops to Iraq

Prime Minister John Key has ruled out New Zealand military intervention in Iraq, barring an unlikely United Nations Security Council mission

2014, after the Election:

Key: SAS could join Isis fight on ground

PM says that if US asks for help, he can’t rule out sending troops to Iraq or Syria.

Today, anonymous Herald Editorial:

NZ must be ready to join fight against Isis

If ground forces can rid Iraq of the murderers known as Isis, New Zealand should be there. This country ought to be counted among the nations that are willing to act when the cause is just and military force can be effective.