Greens now supporting National!

winvista-hippiesCorin Dann and 3 News are reporting that the Greenies are happy to work with National (as they have done on things like home insulation and cycle ways) and ditch Labour.

But, some insane leftie is writing more conspiracy theories! Need to call the GCSB and my pet bloggers.

It’s important to remember that, despite how awesome you think John Key may be, he is a liar. He has spent the last six years creating and maintaining a network of bloggers and public relations people whose job was to manipulate the media and the general public to believing what he wants them to believe. All the time Key has managed this negative network he has maintained his smile & wave public persona.

OK I agree with this bit:

you don’t get a $50 million by being a bit of a dick.

And I think this is just fucken cool. Hahah suck on that ya lefty pinkos.

The media have now gone back to talking about Cunliffe’s inability to multiply one number in the thousands by another number in the billions, or that the Greens might go with National or that Colin Craig is awesome and not insane.

In their efforts to construct a narrative to maintain or enhance their viewership, the political news media are no longer reporters of political happenings, but constructors of Home and Away with Hone.

The thing is politics is not a soap opera [FJK: Yes it is!!!]. The people currently minding our democracy for the next government need to be questioned. They must be questioned. Why are you doing that? How does that benefit the country? Why are you changing the labour laws in the country after spending half an hour with some executives from Warner Brothers?


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