Thank You for Not Voting



Building a legacy like Thatcher

Under my rule, the finance sector has grown to a larger percentage of our economy than any other western democracy.

Every major western democracy has a Capital Gains Tax. The distortion with Australia who have one, is a huge money maker for Sydney Bankers to sell risk premium mortgages to lower paid kiwis to buy over priced homes.

We raised GST, lowered top tax rates shifting the burden onto lower and middle income earners, continued to watch house prices rise, let rates rise, let power prices rise, sold assets, ran up government debt, and cut services for lower and middle income earners.

Heretical left wing stirrers like Hager and Dotcom made the voters nervous and questioned their faith in my infallible leadership. So middle NZ voters repaid my thoughtfulness by re-electing me in a landslide 🙂

My policies have mugged blessed middle and lower NZ. As the finance industry mugs empowers our housing market.

David Fisher has gone septic. Time for a clean-out at the Herald and the Ombudmans Office?

2328327235Ombudsman Dame Beverly Wakem:

We may as well kiss democracy goodbye. The work of this office relies in great measure in the maintenance of a high level of trust and integrity between ourselves and government agencies,” she said.

“If our examination and investigation finds that has been betrayed or warped in any way that is something I am going to be taking very seriously and I think the public of New Zealand should be taking very seriously because it attacks the whole integrity of the system of governance.”

Govt buries bad news - Ombudsman appalled