Cunliffe is an evil evil man. Herald & Stuff tag-team proves it.

Nice work old chaps. My PR department and the Whale applaud you.

Wanna preview of tomorrow’s edition?
Herald Cunliffe AntiChrist


Another brilliant Herald columnist

Thanks Paul Thomas, I couldn’t have said it better myself. The NZ public should just forget about Dirty Politics, TPPA, and my little porkies about Warner Bros. and mass surveillance. It’s just a distraction from the main issue: what should the new NZ national flag look like?

milking nz

Greens now supporting National!

winvista-hippiesCorin Dann and 3 News are reporting that the Greenies are happy to work with National (as they have done on things like home insulation and cycle ways) and ditch Labour.

But, some insane leftie is writing more conspiracy theories! Need to call the GCSB and my pet bloggers.

It’s important to remember that, despite how awesome you think John Key may be, he is a liar. He has spent the last six years creating and maintaining a network of bloggers and public relations people whose job was to manipulate the media and the general public to believing what he wants them to believe. All the time Key has managed this negative network he has maintained his smile & wave public persona.

OK I agree with this bit:

you don’t get a $50 million by being a bit of a dick.

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